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  • 752025680957 Straight Razor - Weller 7/8 hollow ground. Damascus (Shave Ready) US Seller - WM0032

    $89.99 $54.99


    We are selling a brand new 7/8 hollow ground Straight Razor.

    Modern technology and facilities have been integrated into the traditional handicrafts to produce one of the finest Straight Razors available on the market today.

    Blade steel: Japanese Stainless ACRM-2 Steel.

    Hardness: Rc 64.

    Handle: Natural Wenge Wood Handle.

    All Titan Blades are sharpened using a time tested low temperature grinding and polishing process for an extremely sharp and durable edge.  They are then sharpened again by stropping for a superb Shave Ready sharpness straight from the Box.