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    Champion 2000+ cOMMERCIAL

    Juicer G5-PG710

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    The champion Juicer is an extremely powerful and durable machine.  It was designed to address all your juicing needs.  The Champion's mastication process chews up the fibers and breaks up the cells structure of Vegetables and fruits unlocking the essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals your body needs.  The results of the juicing process is a darker, richer and more flavorful juice.  My family has used one of these juicers for years.  We feel it has defiantly helped us keep the pounds off and live healthier lives.

    Excellent Versatility.

    • Juices
    • Nut Butters
    • Baby Food
    • Smoothies
    • Hummus & Pate
    • Purees
    • Ice Cream
    • Sherbets

    Your juicer also has the optional grain mill attachment and greens attachment which enhances your families healthy eating choices even further.
    Each box contains

    • 1 Champion Juicer Body
    • 1 Cutter
    • 1 Screen (Standard Size)
    • 1 Blank for homogenizing
    • 1 Tamper
    • 1 Funnel
    • 1 Bowl
    • 1 Sieve
    • 1 Instruction Manual with recipes