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  • 752025681008 Titan Mach 3 Compatible Shaving Razor kit WM0030

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    Titan Mach 3 compatible Shaving Razor Kits. 

    For perfection in wet shaving, nothing feels quite like our custom made Titan Razor. 

    Each razor is handcrafted by a master blacksmith.  Each razor is a unique work of art.  We at WellerMart believe in being able to provide high quality to our customers.  Modern technology and facilities have been integrated into traditional handcrafts to produce one of the finest razors available.


    • Handcrafted one at a time.
    • Water resistant with multiple waterproof finishes.
    • Hand selected Natural Blood Wood Handle- Circular
    • Only the highest quality hardware is used to create your handle.
    • Very smooth push button blade ejection system.
    • Attractive gift box included with your order.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Check out our 100% feedback rating with over 10 years of experience.

    Your shaving razor handle is 100% compatible with a wide variety of blades.

    1. Mach 3
    2. Mach 3 Turbo
    3. Mach 3 Power
    4. Women's Venus
    5. Women's Venus Embrase
    6. Women's Venus Pro-Skin
    7. Women's Venus Olay
    8. Women's Venus Divine
    9. Women's Venus Breeze
    10. Women's Venus V3

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