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Clear Coat Shellac Powder

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Clear Coat Shellac Powder

Clear Coat shellac powder is as light as platina but at a lower cost.  The tradeoff is that Clear Coat Powder shellac has some wax and is made by a chemical process that produces a bit more contaminates than the natural process used in producing flaked shellac.  The contaminates are easily removed with a paint filter prior to using.  The powder produces a clear hard surface that shows the true beauty of your exotic woods.  

Detailed mixing instructions along with hints and tips will be included with each order.  

We also have a YouTube video that should help greatly.

Detailed Mixing Video with helpful tips.

  • Our shellac powder has very little color.  It produces a beautiful clear coat that is similar platina.  It will not alter the true color of exotic woods, it only enhances and reveals the true beauty of your rare specimens. 
  • Clear coat shellac powder is non-toxic, edible and used widely in different industries including woodworking, turning, food, food packaging.
  • Fast drying.
  • Please note that various colors of shellac and die can be mixed to produce millions of various shades.  Samples can be made to produce any color needed for your project. 
  • As with all finishes, it is recommended that samples be created prior to committing an entire project.  This is a good habit to get into before applying any kind of die, varnish, stain, or paint.  This avoids surprises as to what the final results will be. 
  • Shellac is all-natural.  It is non-toxic and is a resin of insect origin that is harvested regularly and is a completely renewable resource much like silk.
  • Shellac flakes are dissolved by denatured ethyl alcohol. It's very easy to use and an excellent non-toxic choice for woodworkers.  Shellac can be applied with a brush, pad, sprayer, or wiping cloth. It has a super fast dry time, thus saving money and aggravation.
  • Shellac is UV - resistant and does not yellow or darken over time.
  • Shellac will adhere tenaciously to virtually any surface and is much less brittle than lacquer and does not scratch as easily. Unlike toxic polyurethane, a damaged shellac finish can easily be touched up or renewed by applying another coat. A new coat of shellac melts itself into the existing coat.
  • Unlike other types of finish, all types of shellac can be applied in cold temperatures without concern over proper drying and curing times.
  • Shellac enhances the beauty of wood grain unlike any other finish. Shellac is one of the only wood finishes that really brings out the natural beauty of wood without that fake plastic look. Shellac, especially when applied using the French Polishing technique will make the wood grain pop. It brings out the rich warmth of wood grain in a way that no other finish has ever done.  
  • Detailed mixing instruction along with hints and tips will be included with each order.