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  • Professional Stainless Steel Comb 17.5cm long, 31g in weight - US Seller WM0017

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    Professional Stainless Steel Comb.  17.5cm long, 31g in weight with handmade leather case.

    At WellerMart we believe in quality.  We continually strive to carry more high quality items that are handmade and will last a lifetime. 

    Modern technology and facilities have been integrated into the traditional handicrafts to produce one of the finest handmade combs available on the market today.  Our combs are hand crafted by a master blacksmith using high quality materials.  They are manufactured from medical grade stainless steel.  Each comb is a testament to the time and effort it took to craft these stunning works of art.

    Close-up pictures are taken to reveal tooth spacing, length, grip size and careful hand polishing that each tine of the comb received.  We are proud to be able to offer this high quality product in an age of a cookie cutter buy cheap disposable economy.  We are a bit old-fashioned and believe people still want high quality items that will last a lifetime even if they have to pay a little more for the extra effort it takes to make. 

    Our combs are guaranteed to please the most stringent critics.  Your full 100% satisfaction or your money back.  We are confident that once you try our combs you will never be happy with anything else.