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  • Straight Razor - Titan 5/8 hollow ground. (Shave Ready) US Seller - WM0006

    $84.57 $59.88

    We are selling a brand new 7/8 hollow ground Titan Straight Razor.

    Modern technology and facilities have been integrated into the traditional handicrafts to produce one of the finest Straight Razors available on the market today.

    Blade steel: Japanese Stainless ACRM-2 Steel.

    Hardness: Rc 63.

    Handle: Natural Blood Wood Handle with 2 copper heads.

    All Titan Blades are sharpened using a time tested low temperature grinding and polishing process for an extremely sharp and durable edge.  They are then sharpened again by stropping for a superb Shave Ready sharpness straight from the Box.