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  • Straight Razor - Titan 5/8 hollow ground. (Shave Ready) US Seller - WM0008

    $124.99 $89.99

    We at WellerMart take pride in our straight razors!

              These razors are crafted with careful precision and skill. We sharpen the razors just before shipping to ensure that you get a smooth shave right out of the box! A beautiful combination of exotic wood and quality metals makes this blade not only functional, but a piece of art as well.  These blades are made with high carbon Japanese steel so that the blade will perform many shaves before needing to be re-sharpened. That said these blades will last many decades! 

              These blade come with an ornate wooden box to store your razors free of charge. Speaking of free, we offer free priority mail shipping for these blades valued at $7.50 completely free of charge! We offer the best value on the market and if you disagree we have an easy returns process. No hassle.                                                     

                                                                      Satisfaction guaranteed!


    Blade steel: Japanese Stainless ACRM-2 Steel.

    Hardness: Rc 63.

    Handle: Natural Black Algum Handle with 2 copper heads.

    All Titan Blades are sharpened using a time tested low temperature grinding and polishing process for an extremely sharp and durable edge.