WellerMart LLC Free Shipping on Orders of $30 or More

Welcome to WellerMart

WellerMart is a small, family-run business located in Moscow, ID. We offer a wide variety of razors and shellac flakes. Making sure you receive the highest quality goods and customer service is our top priority. We made our company slogan “Adding Value for a Better Life” for a reason!

We provide products for people who understand and appreciate quality goods and the positive effect they can have on your life. If you want a traditional, elegant shave, check out our classic straight edge razors. To restore valuable antique wood furniture, order some of our dewaxed shellac flakes. 

No matter what you buy from WellerMart, you can be sure that you will get the highest quality customer service to help you make an informed purchase. As a small family business, we understand the value of building positive relationships with our customers. We will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your WellerMart product.

Our products are made with care and will retain their quality for years. Your straight edge razor not only has more style than a drug store shaver, but also lasts much longer. A dewaxed shellac finish is both durable and easily repairable. 

We at WellerMart pride ourselves in our knowledge about every one of our products, whether it is antique restorations or straight razors. We make sure to deliver a top-quality product that is right for you. Call us today to get Free Shipping for any order of $30 Dollars Or More.  This along with our already low prices adds up to a huge savings.