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  • Dewaxed Blonde Shellac Flake 16 Oz, 8 Oz, 4 Oz, 2 Oz & 20 Lb Whole Sale

    $8.99 $6.59

    WellerMart Dewaxed Blonde Shellac Flakes are the most popular color for creating a medium amber or beige color on most woods.  

    Unlike stains or other finishes, Shellac Finishes enhance the wood grains and produce a stunning deep warm appearance unseen in other types of finishes.
    ·       Shellac finishes dry very quickly which saves woodworkers both time and money.
    ·       Various colors of shellac and die can be mixed to produce millions of various shades.
    ·       Denatured alcohol or Behlen Behkol works best for dissolving flakes into a solution.   
    ·       Detailed mixing instructions are included with every order.
    ·       Shellac flakes stored in a cool dry place last for many years.  Flakes that have been mixed should be used within several months.